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*** Please read my rules and guidelines carefully.*** Things have recently changed on this site. Photos have now been watermarked. For those looking to purchase a watermarked photo for your book cover, follow these instructions -

a) Send note or email ( stating the image # that you are requesting to purchase. Note the title/author name of the book.

b) Immediately following your email, make payment via paypal. (Paypal email - also noting in the memo the title/author name/image #.

c) Wait.
It can take up to 5-7 days for your image to arrive due to my busy schedule I will either send you the unwatermarked high resolution .Jpeg or a link to it from here where it can be downloaded.

d)Once you have received the image, contact me and let me know so I can re-watermark the image.

e)Finally, once you have completed your book cover with lettering. Please send me the polished,finished version so that I can promote the book for you.

Standard Ebook Image Cost - $20 + paypal fee. (1 time use)
Banner Image Cost - $15 + paypal fee.
Paperback Stock Image - Will depend on size and scope of book. Contact me for more info.
Exclusive Use of specific image - $300

***PLEASE NOTE*** - The Standard Ebook Image Cost is "per book cover." So for example, if you want to use the same image for 3 separate book covers, then the cost would be $60 for all 3.
Besides my fees, I also request that the photographer & I be credited in the publication if possible.

For Artists or Book Cover artists not looking to pay but just be creative, I did set up a scraps section in my gallery titled "Free Stock Of Jason" These images can be used for practice, book covers, etc. without charge. There is no watermark on these images and the high resolution version can be downloaded here. I do not mind if they are used for book covers as long as the photographer and I are credited in the book and I receive a copy of the finished cover. See photos here -…

Pre-Made Book Covers - For those artists that would like to make pre-made book covers using my stock, just notify me of the image you want in high resolution. You may create as many premade covers as you wish without charge. Once the cover is sold, then paypal the ebook fee.


- Indie Authors,Publishers & Cover Artists that purchase photos on a regular basis will receive future discounts.

- Those who have used 10 stock photos for book covers will receive a free photo from "The Vault" which is a list of photos that will be kept off stock sites. You will be able to use 1 photo exclusively at the standard Ebook Image Cost Price above.


Visit -


- If you are to use my photos. No using an arm or leg or replacing my head with someone else's head. If you are searching for specific body parts , please search elsewhere. My photos are not to be used for anatomy only.

- Also , No M/M books. Menage books are acceptable as long as it is not geared in a homosexual fashion.

- Avoid cropping entire face off cover. While it is perfectly fine to crop head off for covers, I am not a fan of it so Please use the entire photo or if possible. I will not promote books where face & head have been cropped.

- Credit in book as cover model (when possible) and send a .jpeg of final approved cover so that I may promote it for the author as well. Being credited in the book is not mandatory but requested by both photographer & talent.

The countdown to surpass Fabio on the book covers -

Jason - 540 book covers
Fabio - 462 book covers

If you have a specific pose or look that you don't see on here I may already have it. Email me with a description of the cover shot you want and I'll search on my offline database. I have over 5,000 additional images I have that are similar to the ones in the gallery.

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tullowyn Featured By Owner Nov 1, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hi there! Thank you for providing us with such helpful stock!

I'd like to use one of your images as a reference for my art (not tracing, not photo manipulation, not using the photograph itself as part of the artwork but just for help with anatomy/pose for a non-commercial piece) and I just wanted to check what your rules and guidelines are regarding referencing?
Comical1 Featured By Owner Aug 8, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Very informative, I think its great how you have simplified and clearly penned out all the necessary info for use of your stock. You are certainly a pro at your craft and have kindly marketed your work in an easy to reach price range. I'm sure many (including myself) appreciate that. Keep up what you do, and have fun doing it :)
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